About jewel GondiaRuby

Photograph of Gondia ruby is taken by the Photographer appointed by INDIA TODAY and because it was taken in the Vault, Light source was used is Focused Beam of a Battery Torch with Lens The Jewel GONDIA-RUBY is cut as both side Cabochon at the top and bottom displaying perfect animated star of six lines retaining its Original Hexagonal Structure. It is red in color. Acclaimed as the Officially owned, fully cut and polished largest Star Ruby In The World. .

International Business Offer of high value rubies

An International Platform is established to sale Treasures dedicated to 'Rudraksha Foundation' for public welfare in next 30 years valued at 100 billion USD in international market . All profit after taxes will be employed for welfare..

Disposal of Rare Ruby Collection

Treasure worth many billions will be sold and receipts will be employed for Welfare.