Business Offer

Stock ready for inspection and delivery at Nagpur(India)

Ruby Crystal Stock on offer
Commercial Natural gem  transparent ruby crystals in gradable polished form
Size 0.25 carats to 6 carats .

Stock ready for inspection and delivery at Nagpur(India). for ruby sample please check PhotoGallery 
For orders and queries please contact::
Note:: all ruby crystals are of Indian origin and pictures are taken in sunlight.

Disposal of rare ruby collection
Auction of high value single piece consignment business about 10 carat size to 200 carat size high value rubies and artifacts are offered in private auction at Nagpur 100% Indian owned entities or individuals to export purpose only. At wholesale prices Bidder can earn up to 10 to 65 % on sales receipts from exports, depending upon quality and quantity of the material.
* Offer below 50 Million Dollars will not be entertained. 

Using the reserve of precious gems for banking or renting it for revenue generation.
Idle reserves of 100 Billion Dollars will be employed to setup banking and renting , it as International Depository Receipts.