Frequently Asked Questions

Q :: How did you find it ?
Ans ::While searching for Industrial Rubies in corundum mines lumps of corundum were purchased which appeared to be of crystal forms. Largest piece was kept as geological sample in rough form in 1994. In 1995 India Today fortnightly gave publicity to K. Vidyaraj's RAVIRATNA RUBY valuating it in to Trillions of dollars. It was a worthwhile risk of trying to cut and polish the ROUGH-CRYSTALSPECIMEN AS IT WAS SHOWING THE SAME CHARACTERSTICKS.

Q :: Why do you claim that this is the first episode of the kind ?
Ans :: In the known recorded history of mankind, no person who has found a rare and valuable gemstone has ever achieved the feat of Identifying, grading, cutting polishing in to a finished jewel and giving it to the ultimate user or owner in continuity. " By The Grace Of God This Has Been Achieved Single Handedly With Support Of Associates And Almighty God's Blessings!!! "

Q :: Why are you claiming Gondia-Ruby is the largest in the world?
Ans :: Not only the piece showed strong six star-lined on both side cabochons but because of fully cut and polished jewel form it is presently the largest officially owned jewel star ruby in the world. All other specimens and possessions are in wholly or partly rough forms. Link to faceted rubies in the world:

Q :: What were the circumstances that made you donate the priceless Jewel?
Ans :: Once it was known that a pauper(when keeping the possession of a jewel worth more than a billion dollars) is in possession of priceless treasure, I was a fair game to high and mighty and unscrupulous entities. It was difficult to organize security and survival. When attempt on life made me handicapped and vulnerable for daily bread and butter for the family. Decision to donate was taken in consultation with Associates Mr.B.R.Patel and MR. Rameshchandra Soni to avoid losing control of the priceless Jewel Gondia Ruby.

Q:: Why the entire treasure and other assets are dedicated to welfare?
Ans :: Founder Mr. Subhashchandra Limaye envisaged to possess treasure and used it to help righteous person unconditionally to do good work for the society since,1963.

Q:: what is the present status of the project ?
Ans :: Project was initiated on 11,June 1967 now on 4th,August 2015 total setup is complete and the project will continue for generations to come because inbuilt auto-corrective corrective design to generate funds for self sustenance to keep the welfare activity continuous .