Unique and largest fully finished faceted officially owned ruby in the world

1. The Jewel GONDIA-RUBY is cut as both side Cabochon at the top and bottom of the hexagonal crystal body. Jewel is faceted and polished to keep original hexagonal crystal form and displaying perfectly animated six-ray star on both side cabochons. Jewel is unique and largest fully finished faceted officially owned ruby in the world.

2. Jewel Gondia Ruby Will Rate Entry In Guinness Book Of World Record On more than Two Counts And Will Rate An Entry In The Text Book Of Gemology. In the known and recorded history of mankind no person who has found a rare and valuable gemstone has ever achieved the feat of Identifying, grading, cutting and polishing to convert it in to a faceted, finished jewel and sale the Jewel in continuity; Also because Jewel Gondia Ruby is LARGEST IN THE WORLD and only Star ruby to show six ray star on both side cabochon of the hexagonal faceted crystal.

3. Jewel was dedicated to "LORD LAXMIPATI BALAJI" to safeguard treasure & survival of family from threat on life. Jewel Gondia Ruby was declared donated on 21st May 1998.

4. But after releasing acceptance by Tirupati Devasthanam through Press Trust Of India Flash on 22nd May 1998 which was covered by media on 23rd May 1998. For some unknown reasons and for the first time in history of Hindu Mythology, Trust Board of "Tirupati Devasthanm" refused to receive the Jewel by putting baseless conditions.

5. A financial institution was used to stay the donation in Gondia Session Court. Honorable Session Judge Hayatnagarkar, ruled in his speaking order that because of dedication and as per Hindu law of endowment, ownership is transferred to lord Venkateshwara on23rd May 1998 and the process is irreversible.

6. Donor was threatend to cancel the donation and sale the Jewel to vested interests. When donor refused to cancel the donation and comply, an officer of the Tirupati Devasthanm called a Press conference at Gondia, native township of the donor to malign the credibility of the donor and the donated Jewel without verification. The matter was widely covered by the press, damaging the credibility and intentions of the donor.

7. Donor was ostracized and made unofficially bankrupt by market forces and society by not allowing him to do any business activity.

8. Applying a legal trick and through legal recourse donor obtained clear title from Trust Board by refusing to give say on ownership of the donated Jewel Gondia Ruby in District Court of Gondia therby implying him as sole owner and having custody of the Jewel.

9. Afterwards Respected President of India was petitioned for intimation about eventual sale of the Jewel and subsequent spending of the receipts in the name of "LORD BALAJI" for welfare through Rudraksha Foundation Society Gondia; A registered welfare trust; And further requested to ask Trustees to take PRAYSCHITTA.

10. Now Jewel Gondia Ruby is sold to Gondiaruby International Pvt. Ltd. to market and pay INR Ten Thousand Crore by auctioning the jewel before 31st December 2015. The company will retain everything in excess receipts above INR 10,000/- Crore .

11. Sale receipts after deducting expenses, commissions and applicable taxes will be employed for the public welfare by Rudraksha Foundation in the name of "LORD VENKATESHWARA" Known as Laxmipati of Hindu Goddess of Wealth".

12. By the quirk of fate, even after dedication, Receiving worldwide name and fame, the Jewel remained in custody of Subhashchandra Limaye and he is the owner with clear title to sale the Jewel; But the dedication was from Heart and Real as well as with clarity of thoughts by the owner who, considers the Jewel is the property of Lord Balaji even though, custody and clear title to sale remains with him. Sale receipts will be spent for public welfare in the name of LORD BALAJI through Rudraksha Foundation Society a registered public welfare trust.

the sale receipts are dedicated in the name of Lord Balaji, to common welfare is also first incidence of its kind in the history of mankind. Updated on 30th SEP. 2015 CONTACT EMAIL: auction@gondiaruby.com / rfoundation2003@gmail.com Visit website FOR BUSINESS : www.gondiaruby.com www.rudrakshafoundation.com FOR WELFARE. Category Nonprofits & Activism