For orders and queries please contact::rudraksha@gondiaruby.com  

Natural Gem Grade transparent ruby crystals in gradable polished form
Size 0.25 carats to 6 carats (Total 5000.carats).

Stock ready for inspection and delivery at Nagpur(India). for ruby sample please check PhotoGallery
For orders and queries please contact:: rudraksha@gondiaruby.com

Note:: all ruby crystals are of Indian origin and pictures are taken in sunlight.


A sponsor cum marketing genius is invited to organize Private Auction or Sale of Rare ruby Artifacts,
Crystals and Exclusive items made to order from ruby crystals valued above US$ Five Billions in next
five years.

Note :: Ready marketable finished stock in trade Valued about U.S.$ 10 Billions.

We have the stocks, which will last for next 20 to 30 years. The idea is to utilize the stocks as reserve
to set up banking operations and/or it can be rented for revenue generation. Presently the stock is
being certified, valued and made into parcels valued up to One Billion Dollars each. Eventually it will be
sold in future. Till it is sold it will remain IDLE and non productive.
To be on the safe side only one Billion U.S. $ worth of stock can be employed at a time.